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Hey there, Jörg the Orruk painter is back. After last week’s look at infantry, today I want to share some work on one of the greatest ideas Orcs and Orruks could ever have: climbing on the back of a wild boar and somehow steer it into the enemy ranks!

Above you can see my Bonesplitterz Boarboyz. I really enjoy the revamped boar sculpts – their appearance is so brilliantly dynamic compared to the old “big mice” sculpts they had from 4th edition on.

I decided to add the same simple style of warpaint to the boars like the Orruks applied to themselves, just in a slightly larger scale to demonstrate the bond between rider and mount – and maybe make it even a little bit faster!

The boars’ heads basically got the same treatment as my Fyreslayers’ skin, please don’t ever tell them! A basecoat of Cadian Fleshtone, a wash of Reikland Fleshshade, a layer of Kislev Flesh and highlights of Screaming Skull.

Their fur has different base colours for variation, then a suitable shade and three layers of drybrushed highlights.

When I moved on to the Goregruntas, it somehow did not seem fitting to paint the heads in different hues, don’t ask me why. Anyways, the mounts sport a good variety of colours thanks to the thick armour plates. I painted them the same as the armour of their riders, with an inverted paint scheme for the boss to easily identify him on the battlefield. The armour of both rider and mount received a weathered look of chipped metal on the edges with thin layers of Mournfang Brown and Stormhost Silver.

When I finally came around to work on the Greenskinz Boarboyz I painted the boars in the same way as on my Bonesplitterz Boarboys, but this time without any war paint. The Greenskinz are somehow suspicious about the crazy behaviour of their naked relatives (even compared to Orruk standards), so they did not adopt this trend!

Same as with the Ironjawz, the Greenskin Boss received an extra amount of armour picked out in red, including the same chipped metal effects. All other techniques were taken over from the regular Greenskinz Orruk boyz I showcased last time. Funny side note: the Greenskinz Boarboys box comes with two banner options, but it’s one of the few warscrolls where only one of it got special rules rule. Therefore I built the glyph and not the banner.

Last but not least I painted a Boar Chariot. I even purchased a box of boar riders to be able to equip the Chariot with the modern type of boars, to keep the look in line with the other Orruk units. I couldn’t withstand to add red and white splatters of paint to the chariot. Orruks do not spend too much effort decorating their vehicles but the rough painting is in line with the shields of my infantry. Accidentally even the boars got some paint. Well, I wouldn’t consider consistency to be the greatest strength of the average Orruk, except when it comes to smashin’ and bashin’!

That’s it for today, thanks for reading and hopefully see you next time when I take a closer look at the heroes of my Orruk armies!