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Next up in my growing Kill Team / Necromunda terrain collection are a set of Thermic Plasma Conduits. Check out more pictures after the jump.

I used to have the predecessor of the Plasma Conduits, the Promethium pipelines. The Plasma Conduits are better in almost every way. More detailed, can be stacked vertically, and you get a lot more pipes with a single box. The only downside is that the end pieces have very visible seam lines and there could be more feet. There aren’t enough to put them on every other “ring”, so I needed to glue several pieces to make longer pipe sections to save some feet.

Painting-wise, I started with a black primer, then sprayed on zenithal highlights with Vallejo Model Color German Grey [Eshin Grey] and Mechanicus Standard Grey. I applied washes of thinned Rhinox Hide, then Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather in select recesses. Once dry, I drybrushed with Stormvermin Fur and Screaming Skull. The black panels were painted with VMC Black [Abaddon Black], then drybrushed with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Screaming Skull.

Some parts were picked out with Army Painter Gun Metal [Leadbelcher], then washed with a mix of Army Painter Dark Tone Ink [Nuln Oil] and Nuln Oil Gloss. The brass parts were basecoated with Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, then drybrushed with Liberator Gold. Both the metal and brass were then lightly drybrushed with Army Painter Plate Mail [Ironbreaker]. Finally, I applied some sponge weathering with VMC Black and Army Painter Gun Metal.

Next up are some Alchomite Stacks to compliment the Thermic Plasma Conduit network.

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