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I joined the unenviable club of spilt wash at the weekend. I’m an optimist, I’ve aways considered my paint pots half full and not half empty so I decided to turn this “tragedy” into a positive. See what I came up after the jump. 

Available now on eBay

I 3D printed a holder with a larger footprint! I knocked up a quick design in Fusion360 CAD software and then printed it out on my Prusa i3MK2S printer. It only took 3 hours to print this pot holder and I’ve already been greeted with a lot of interest on Facebook already. I’ve sold to Canada, Germany and the UK already! 

Initial prints in Neon Green (Sold out), Bright Orange and Black, Also available in White and Hot Pink.

I’ve set up an eBay page to sell these through if others are interested in purchasing. I think the price is reasonable considering one takes 3 hours to print (I printed 6 at once on Sunday and it took 15 hours!) You only really need one or two. It’s not something you would buy for every single paint in your collection. You would just place whatever paint you were using at the time in the holder.

The holder is a strong solid plastic construction and it gives the bottle an increased footprintmakng it harder to knock over. I’ve tested it and it just rocks or slides across the table like a hockey puck.

I know, I know… I’m hawking my wares in front of you but i’m going to share some other methods that people suggested to me for those of you who don’t want to buy my pot holder. 

1. Ink dropper style bottles. You can buy these on eBay and decant all your citadel paint into these. 

2. Buy Vallejo/WarPaints/Army Painter paints… they already come in ink dropper style bottles.

3. Take a scouring pad/sponge, cut a hole in the centre and stand your pot in it. If you still spill your paint at least you can soak it up quickly. 

4. Open the paint pot lid, take the paint you need using a brush and put it on your mixing palette, close the paint pot lid. 

So there you have it, if you’re looking for something that’s cheaper than a divorce, then one of my holders might just save your cream carpet from a Nuln Oil wash. 

Have you had any horror stories of spilt paint? Have you been lucky and never spilt a drop? Tell me in the comments. 

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay