It gets scaly in today’s cold-blooded Seraphon army set review. 21 brand new models and a new Battletome await us, and in this unboxing we take a look at the new Slann Starmaster, the new Saurus Warriors and the Raptadon cavalry in particular.

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Seraphon army set review & unboxing, contents
These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Seraphon army set will be available for preorder starting Saturday, April 22, 2023, and go on sale one week after. The set contains the following all new products:

  • a Slann Starmaster
  • 10 Saurus Warriors
  • 10 Raptadon Chargers/Hunters
  • a special edition Battletome
  • 35 warscroll and 53 enhancement cards
  • a set of 60 cardboard tokens

Seraphon army set review

Seraphon Slann Starmaster review

This new centrepiece kit comes on three medium size sprues and an 80mm round base. You start by building the palanquin, and then you have a few assembly options for the Slann:

  • a plain head with a necklace with three large amulets
  • a head with feathered headdress and two thin necklaces
  • a left arm with a staff
  • a left arm with an reptile skull relique
  • a raised right arm
  • a right arm that can either have an open palm or an open palm with a magic ball held aloft by eldritch energies
Slann Starmaster sprues 1 and 2 from the Seraphon army set
Slann Starmaster sprues 1 and 2

On the right side of the palanquin, you can place a Skink Warrior with spear and shield, and on the left side, a Skink who can present one of two relics. Both Skinks are optional, and if you decide to build the model without them, the gaps will be filled with two little stone pieces with small toads on top. Neat.

Slann Starmaster sprue 3 from the Seraphon army set
Slann Starmaster sprue 3

All in all a very nice character model with some options and good board presence. The Slann Starmaster is significantly smaller in size than Lord Kroak, as it should be.

Saurus Warriors review

The new Saurus Warriors come on three medium size sprues as well, plus there are 10 32mm bases. You can either build 10 regular Saurus with either clubs or spears, or make a a Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer plus 7 regular models.

On the sprues you’ll find:

  • 10 unique bodies
  • 10 unique heads plus a head for the Champion
  • 11 right hands with Celestite Clubs (one of them a more fancier club for the Champion)
  • 10 right hands with Celestite Spears
  • 11 shields (one of them a more ornate version for the Champion)
  • drum and drumstick parts to build a Musician
  • a standard with two different tops to build a standard bearer
Saurus Warriors sprues 1 and 2 from the Seraphon army set
Saurus Warriors sprues 1 and 2
Saurus Warriors sprue 3 from the Seraphon army set
Saurus Warriors sprues 3

If you are familiar with modern infantry kits from Games Workshop, you might know what to expect here. The ten different bodies have fixed poses. Also, each pair of arms only fits a specific body. The hands and shields are designed to fit specific arms as well, but with a bit of try-and-error and minimum gap filling you should be able to mix and match them as well. Only the heads are freely interchangeable.

I have to say the sculpts are absolutely amazing. Whenever GW updates old troop kits, we’re in for a treat, and these Saurus are no different. More savage and feral, and less goofy. They continue the design of the Underworlds Seraphon warband. Also, the Saurus are bulky. I don’t have the old versions to compare, but the new ones stand around 36mm tall on average (not counting the base), and that with their stooped poses.

Seraphon Raptadon Chargers / Hunters

To my surprise, instead of updating the old Skink sculpts, Games Workshop decided to introduce a brand new Skink cavalry unit instead. The Raptadon Chargers / Hunters act as light cavalry to complement the soon-to-be-released Aggradon Lancers, which replace the old Saurus Knights in the new battletome.

Raptadon cavalry sprues 1 and 2 from the Seraphon army set
Raptadon cavalry sprues 1 and 2

The ten Raptadon cavalry models come on three sprues, which are repeated twice, so a unit of five is made from three medium size sprues. The base size is 60mm oval, so not that big. This kit builds either five Raptadon Hunters (armed with javelins) or five Raptadon Chargers (the ones with Tepok lances and fancier headgear). You can either build five regular models, or add a full command unit with Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer. Here is what the sprues have to offer:

  • five different Raptadons
  • five different Skink riders
  • five plain Skink heads (for the Hunters), five Skink heads with headdresses (for the Chargers), and a head for the Champion
  • five arms with javelins and five arms with lances
  • an extra arm, shield, and bitz to make a Hunters Champion
  • an extra arm to make a Chargers Champion
  • an extra arm and two different banner tops to make a Standard Bearer
  • an extra arm to make a Musician
  • five shields for the Hunters
  • five optional sheathed daggers, plus a sixth unique dagger for the Champion
Raptadon cavalry sprue 3 from the Seraphon army set
Raptadon cavalry sprue 3

Like with most modern models, the five models’ bodies are monopose. The instructions don’t highlight any interchangeable parts. But from what I’ve seen, you should be able to mix and match the heads and shields.

The other stuff

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about the presentation of the new Seraphon battletome and the cards and tokens. To prevent early leaks of new rules, Games Workshop provided us and other content creators with the models and the building instructions only.

Seraphon army set value

The Seraphon army set has an RRP of £130 / 170 € / $210 and is in line with other recent army sets. As the models are all brand new and the prices of the single kits unknown, it’s hard to determine the savings. However, experience shows that army sets usually have a saving of 25 to 35% compared to buying the products individually.

You can find the Seraphon army set at our partner stores Wayland GamesElement Games, Firestorm Games, and Taschengelddieb, with a welcome discount of up to 20% over RRP. With the recent releases, Games Workshop again had some supply issues, which meant that some products like The Lion & Retinue sold out quickly. The last army sets were well available, but I wanted to give you a heads up.

I hope you found this review helpful, feel free to leave a reaction or comment below, or post your questions here or discuss on our Discord channel.




  • 21 all new models
  • Spectacular sculpts all around
  • Much needed Saurus Warriors update
  • Additional tokens


  • Models mostly monopose
  • New battletome removed a lot of older Finecast models from the armylist

Final Verdict

The new Seraphon army set is heralding the largest Age of Sigmar range refresh we had in quite a while. All of the new sculpts are amazing, and with 21 all new models, a good balance of various troop types, and no old models to bulk up the box, the Seraphon army set is a great starting point for a new Seraphon collection.