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Comrade Quiche here with a quick Ad Mech update. Today I have photos of my Kataphron Breachers. The weapons are magnetized onto the arm stumps, so I can swap out the guns to make them Kataphron Destroyers. I gave them the Heavy Grav Cannons as I really liked the way the barrels looked.

In game terms, I have mostly chosen the Dune Crawlers over these guys, but one thing to consider is that these are TROOPS! This means they can simply walk through/ ignore objects that the Dune Crawlers would not be able to bypass, it also means they can climb levels inside of ruins, giving them a great vantage point to rain death upon their foes!

For the red paint job:

1) I base coated all the armored areas with Mephiston Red

2) Painted Nuln Oil into the recesses

3) Dry brushed Mephiston Red back over

4) Drybrushed Evil Suns Scarlet over the edges

5) Drybrushed only the extreme edges with Fire Bright Orange

The chips in the armor were made by:

1) Painting Wild Rider Red in any areas that I wanted to look chipped

2) Paint over the UPPER edges of these areas with Rhinox hide, making sure to leave a nice bright edge of red along the bottom

This gives the scratches some depth, showing that the light is being caught on the very edge of the scratch.

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