Repent! You have been found guilty of not having painted all your miniatures yet. In this tutorial collection, we’ll show you not only how to paint the Terminators from the new Deathwing Assault box, but also the classic Dark Angels dark green and the black of the Ravenwing.

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Deathwing Assault Dark Angels army box contents
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The new Dark Angels Deathwing Assault box can be preordered from Saturday, January 20, 2024 It goes on sale two weeks later, so following a two-week preorder window. Please note that there will be only one production run. I heard stock will be very limited, so I suspect the box to sell out quickly. Check out whether the box is still available here:

Our Dark Angels tutorials

To help you plan the colour scheme of your new Dark Angels, we’ve put together a selection of our popular free step-by-step tutorials.

First and foremost, of course, Garfy’s Deathwing tutorial with its wonderful warm bone colour:

For the classic dark green armour of Dark Angels, Garfy shows you how to paint a Heavy Intercessor in this tutorial:

You can find the same colour scheme for power armour here:

Stahly shows you a recipe for a cooler dark green in this painting guide:

And of course, the black of the Ravenwing should not be missing. The new accessory sprue in the Deathwing Assault box also contains additional parts to decorate Space Marine Outriders.

For the Lion

Garfy's Deathwing Bladeguard
Garfy’s Deathwing Bladeguard, check out more pictures here

We hope our tutorials will shorten the waiting time until the release of Deathwing Assault. Or, if you have unfortunately come away empty-handed, until the models are released individually…

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