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I hope you guys will indulge me for a moment to let me share the latest incarnation of my Get a Grip with you. Check out all the new features after the jump. 

The Get-a-Grip has turned into a passion project of mine. I love the whole design and testing process. Carefully refining and improving to make the best possible product I can. But what is a ‘Get a Grip’? Simply, it’s a handle you can use to hold a miniature whilst you paint it so you don’t touch wet paint, or scuff/rub the paint job. This version is the latest incarnation of my Get-a-Grip which I design and manufacture myself.

Here are the product features!

• Same price as the previous grip

• Holds 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm Citadel bases (Citadel painting handle won’t hold 50mm)

• Removable, optional, rotatable finger rest.

• Cork included for pinning models with irregular base sizes or small components.

• Cork is wine bottle size so easily replaceable.

• Mechanical spring loaded halves.

• Strong ABS plastic clip.

• Grips securely. You can shake it like crazy, model is gripped.

• Supplied flat pack for cheaper postage. Quick and fast to assemble.

What do you get? You get 3D printed parts supplied in plastic bags. All parts are printed in PLA plastic apart from the clip which is ABS plastic for strength. The parts included are: two grip body halves, a finger rest, a clip, a cork, three pairs of shims and a metal spring. The parts assemble quickly and easily. 

The spring comes pre-fitted to one half of the main body, just open the spring (pliers or tweezers help) and slide on the other half of the grip onto the spring arm. 

Opening the grip with one hand is easier 

You can remove the clip and then you can pinch the two levers on the main body together and insert the cork and the shims. Being able to hold the grip open with one hand is a big improvement on my previous designs. 


Optional finger rest

You don’t have to use the finger rest if it’s not your thing. Just leave it off and replace the clip. 

Rotating finger rest

With the finger rest slid on to the clip and the clip in place, you can now rotate the finger rest around the model, placing it exactly where you need it. It moves easily but with enough friction to hold it place so it doesn’t freely spin. It feels secure. 

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The included cork makes this grip extremely versatile. 

Sometimes you’ll have an odd sized base or a model that isn’t on a base. That’s where the cork comes in handy. You just drill into the model, glue in a paper clip and then push it in the cork. Makes the grip more universal. 

50mm bases… no problem.

The grip itself will hold a 50mm base, but using the included shims you can hold 25mm, 32mm and 40mm citadel bases.

Garfy’s Get a Grips available to order with same day dispatch here or here for non UK buyers.  

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay