Today we review the second box from the current Warcry season, Sundered Fate. Garfy has already assembled the new models, and with the two new warbands, the Hunters of Huanchi and the Jade Obelisk, as well as new Gnarlwoods terrain, there is a lot to discover, so check out our unboxing.

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Warcry Sundered Fate unboxing
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Warcry Sundered Fate, the second expansion box for the 2nd Edition/season of Warcry, will be available for preorder starting Saturday, November 26, 2022, and goes on sale one week after. The box will be only available while stocks last, with separate releases of the components soon after.

Warcry Sundered Fate contents
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Included are two new warbands, the Hunters of Huanchi and Jade Obelisk, a thick cardboard gaming board with more Gnarlwood terrain, the Stealth and Stone warband tome with fighter and ability cards covering both warbands, and a set of Battleplan cards.

The Hunters of Huanchi

The Hunters of Huanchi come on two medium-sized sprues and build ten Chameleon Skinks and three Terrawings. All ten Skinks can be assembled with blowpipes, which makes for a nice cross-use for Age of Sigmar. Alternatively, you can build one Alpha with either Moonstone cub and shield or blowpipe, one Huanchi’s Claw, a Hornblower with club or blowpipe, and give up to four Chameleon Skins Moonstone Clubs, bolas, and shields, instead of blowpipes.

Warcry Hunters of Huanchi assembled

Be aware that the models are quite challenging to assemble, as the Skinks are tiny and most of them need to be glued at the ankles, which have the tiniest contact areas.

Warcry Hunters of Huanchi assembled

The Jade Obelisk

The Jade Obelisk warband comes on two medium-sized sprues as well, building ten models in total. We have a Nephrite Priestess, which has a choice of two alternate hands for each arm, and and alternate head, an Obelisk bearer, three Desecrators, which can be assembled with either warpicks or hammers, four Defacers, which can be assembled with either bows or stonecutter tools (hand-weapons), and finally the Idolare, the daemonic bestial familiar.

The Jade Obelisk warband from Warcry Sundered Fate assembled

Maybe it’s just me, but the models give me some Warmachine/Hordes vibes, maybe it’s the paint job. Still, it’s cool how creative the sculptors at Warcry can be, always coming up with new concepts for the human warbands.

The Jade Obelisk warband from Warcry Sundered Fate assembled

The Gnarlwood terrain

Sundered Fate contains 5 large sprues of terrain, which is one less than the Heart of Ghur core set, and two less than in the original Warcry starter set. 3 sprues are repeated from the first set, one of the new sprues combines some of the previous Gnarloak trees into bigger pieces with more platforms and height, as you can see in Garfy’s comparison shots (the painted models are from Heart of Ghur). The fifth sprue builds a completely new terrain piece. The gaming board is the same as the one from Warcry Heart of Ghur.

The Gnarlwood terrain is definitely more sparse than in the previous box, it won’t fill the board but the pieces included are more usable in Warcry games with better-sized platforms that fit more models. I think Sundered Fate really needs to be combined with the terrain from Heart of Ghur to create a really densely packed board.

Make sure to check out our Heat of Ghur review, as you can find a couple of useful size comparisons of the Gnarlwood terrain pieces there:

You can also check out a showcase of Garfy’s Gnarlwood terrain along with some handy painting guides here.

Stealth and Stone warband tome and battleplan cards

The Stealth and Stone warband tome is a quite thin softcover book with a 60-something page count, containing the rules for both warbands and the new terrain pieces, as well as lore, quests and campaign arcs for both warbands, and battleplans.

The 12 terrain setup cards have a really nice touch for those who bought the previous box as well, as six of them feature both the Sundered Fate and Heart of Ghur Gnarlwood scenery and make for more exciting board setups.


Warcry Sundered Fate trades the core book, gaming accessories, and one sprue of terrain for a slightly reduced price of £110 / 145 € / $185 in comparison to the more expensive Warcry Heart of Ghur starter set. That’s… alright.

Warcry Sundered Fate models assembled
Garfy’s assembled set

This weekend, the Age of Sigmar and 40k megaforce boxes will be released alongside Sundered Fate. These have a saving of up to 38% over buying the models individually, and with the extra 15% to 20% discount from our partner shops Wayland Games, Element Games, Firestorm Games, and Taschengelddieb, these are sure to sell out quickly. Check here if they’re still available:

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Garfy is going to paint the whole set in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned and make sure to follow him over on Instagram.