The Foul Blightspawn from issue 12 of the Conquest publication is finished! He took a little longer than anticipated and I’ll explain why after the jump as well as share close up pictures of other angles of the model.

Unhappy with the first attempt (left) I decided to have another go. 

The reason the model took an extra evening to finish was I wasn’t happy with the window on his  Incubator. The first attempt had this really weird curve to the liquid level. I think I was going for sloshing about liquid, or maybe the glass is really thick and distorting the image. Suffice to say, it didn’t work and I had another go with a flat water level and I’m so much happier with it. 

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This sculpt is incredible. It is so detailed and the piece tells a story (classic Darren Latham – the sculptor). The Foul Blightspawn features a crank near his left hand, which when turned actuates an axle running through his guts out the other side which then activates a pump which agitates the liquid inside the incubator. 

I really like the way the whole model is walking Death gUard symbol. His skull like helmet, the scullion the grenade and the deaths head grenade on his belt makes the classic trip skull motif of the Death Guard. 

Talking of the grenade in his hand this is another stroke of genius on Darren’s part. He’s sculpted a tentacle on the right arm which is pulling the pin on the grenade. I also like the pins hanging from the belt. Tiny details which help mark this guy out as a Grenadier. 

The detail doesn’t stop on this side either, with more grenades hanging from the support struts and a disturbing warp born fleshy hose which is dripping toxic venom onto a diminutive Nurgling’s grenade.  

Just an absolute joy to paint. I can’t wait to get more Death Guard Characters to paint. Luckily for me, there are loads more coming with Conquest Magazine.  Next post, I share with you the Munitorum Armoured Containers from issue 13. 

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