I surprised myself in the last couple of months by returning to my Black Legion project. A few years ago the Shadowspear boxed game was released and I painted up the Vanguard Primaris Space Marines and added them to my Dark Angels army. My intention was to paint the Chaos Space Marine half up and add them to my Black Legion but I just never got round to it.

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Having relinquished all “influencer responsibility” to paint the models Games Workshop sent me, I’ve freed myself to paint whatever I want, whenever I want. Spoilt for choice, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I just started painting the odd single model I had already assembled and undercoated. This included the Chaos Models from Shadowspear. After dusting them off (they were dustier than the insides of a Thousand Sons’ armour) I started by tackling one of the Greater Possessed in February.

I quickly realised I hadn’t painted a Black Legion model for a while, the last one was the Master of Possession. So I had to reacquaint myself with the paint scheme. Luckily, I have written a detailed step by step tutorial for Black Legion Chosen Chaos Space Marines. So following that made my life easier and ensured consistent results, even with models I’d painted over over 3 years ago.

I wrote the tutorial 5 years ago, since then three of the paints have been retired by Games Workshop. These are Bloodletter Glaze, Badab Black and Ceramite White. Bloodletter Glaze is a tricky one to replace. I still have some left so I’ve been using that but if you don’t own this you’ll have to use Contrast Blood Angel Red thinned with Lahmian Medium. Badab Black should be replaced with Contrast Basilicanum Grey thinned with Contrast Medium and I replaced Ceramite White with the newer Corax White.

The second Greater Possessed I picked up a month later in this month of March. Felt quite different to paint, lots of small teeth and eyes and a lot of daemon skin. The first one was more bone. I actually changed the loin cloth on this as the previous loin cloths I’d painted were blending into the skin so this one I used Gorthor Brown instead of Khorne Red.

Here’s a group shot of the Chaos Space Marines Daemonkin I’ve painted so far. I’m actually working on the second Obliterator at the moment. Check out my WIP on twitter.

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