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This is a very special occasion: I’m selling my treasured, White Dwarf featured Blood Angels collection I lovingly painted over the course of two years. The models above can be yours. Read on to find out more. Update: Army sold.

It’s hard to part ways but sometimes you have to make some space for new things to come. This stunning and cohesive Blood Angels army consists of 26 models, every single one personalised and/or converted with loads of Forge World accessories and painted to a very high standard.

Many Horus Heresy era bits and pieces bestow this army an ancient and venerable feel that is very suitable for the Blood Angels, which are master artisans and honour their war gear. I imagine this army to date back to the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, during the “The Beast arises” series from Black Library, which is why there are so many older marks of armour present. It’s built for Warhammer 40k, but in a pinch could form the basis for a Horus Heresy army, too.

Included are:

– kitbashed Captain with power hammer, storm shield and jump pack (with a Forge World helmet, featured in White Dwarf 02/2017)

– kitbashed Sanguinary Priest with jump pack and fusion pistol

– Contemptor Dreadnought with multi-melta (plastic version)

– 5 resin Tartaros Terminators from Forge World customized with loads of Blood Angels bitz (with Cyclone Missile Launcher conversion, squad can count as regular Terminators)

– 8 kitbashed Assault Marines (with parts from the Forge World MkIV Assault Squad and MkV Squad), including a Sergeant with fusion pistol and power sword, and a melter

– 8 Death Company with two power swords and power fist (with Forge World MkIV and MkV bitz)

– Death Company Dreadnought with magna-grapple (featured in White Dwarf X/XX)

– converted Death Company Stormraven (with Forge World doors, a custom-built front, and a streamlined top with a moveable twin-linked Lascannon turret from Forge World)

All models are sealed with two coats of varnish, have never been played with, and are ready to go!

Here are some pictures:


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Update: Army is sold.


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