Welcome to my Showcase: Black Templars Assault Intercessor post. It’s been a long journey since starting this squad and someone had to pay the ultimate price to see this through to completion. Read on to find out.

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This unit of Assault Intercessors started 5 months ago with issue 3 of Imperium Magazine. On the cover was a sprue of three Easy-to-Build Space Marines. I thought this was the perfect start to my Black Templar Army. I was wrong.

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Three models is about the worst number you can give for a 10 man squad. It didn’t get much better in Imperium issue 13 when they gave us 5 Assault Intercessors. What am I suppose to do with 8? Another 3 gives me 11. Another 5 totals 13. I’m sure I’m the only person this bothers but I was determined to get exactly to 10 so I didn’t have odd numbers of troops lying about.

Check this Showcase post for the 5 Assault Intercessors I painted from issue 13.

The first thing I did was rummage in my bitz box and it did not let me down. I had some spare arms from my Dark Angels Assault Intercessors. I also found a spare Intercessor body that Stahly had given me. Perfect. I treated this model to a helmet from one of the new Black Templar sets that games Workshop had kindly sent me.

That makes 9. One down, one to go.

The last Marine to bring me to 10, I was stuck on. I couldn’t find anymore bodies in my spare bits. I did find spare arms and shoulder pads on the new Black Templar Crusader sprue though so that was great. I was really in the zone and didn’t want to order bits on eBay so I did something drastic.

That’s right! I stripped one of my Ultramarine models. I think we can all agree he looks so much better now. If you’re interested I used Isopropyl Alcohol and a toothbrush to get the paint off. Only took 5 minutes.

My only Black Templar with Ultramarine Geneseed.

After this whole debacle, I’ve realised there is a benefit to this rag tag bunch of models. Every pose is different! The 3 Easy-to-Build marines have unique poses to the 5 starter set Assault Intercessors and my last 2 bitz box creations use the older Intercessor bodies.

It might have taken 5 months and some sacrificial work Khorne would have been proud of, but I got there in the end and I think they look cool. I guess I’d better work on the Crusader Squad soon.

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