Issue 29. Let that seep in for a moment. I never would have thought I could have kept up with 29 weekly issues of a magazine subscription but here we are. More pictures after the jump. 

Astartes Conga line coming through…

I’ve spoke about my Dark Angels a lot recently. The freehand, the little head swaps, etc so instead I want to talk about Keeping up with Conquest.

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…Conga line coming back through. 

When I started the Conquest Subscription I thought it would be fun for a few months until I got bored or it turned into a hassle. It can happen to the best of us. We get burnt out, uninspired and it turns into a chore.

Reunited with the Captain, that’s another issue of Conquest completed.

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I am showing zero signs of fatigue. In fact, the opposite has happened, I’m painting these models faster because I want to add even more models to the armies. I really wanted to finish this month’s subscription of models early so I could have a couple of weeks painting Shadowspear. My Dark Angel army has grown so rapidly recently. I’ve added a Redemptor, Lieutenant, Captain, Sergeants, Suppressors, Vanguard Librarian and I’ve almost finished some Eliminators. 

Conquest has been brilliant for my hobby. So much variety to paint. I really recommend it. 

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