Today’s post features a chonky boi who goes by the name of Castellan. A Lieutenant equivalent for the Black Templars. An extremely nostalgic miniature based on the Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition box art.

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I’ve loved all the Primaris releases and I’ve built up a huge 3000pts Primaris Dark Angels army since they were released. The new larger Primaris marines has had me neglecting my firstborn. The older range of miniatures just don’t stand well next to their larger battle brothers. That is until the Castellan turned up.

The firstborn on the left just looks pathetic when stood with the newer models.

As you can see the Castellan is really unique. He is wearing firstborn armour and he doesn’t share any of the Primaris design philosophy, he is clearly a firstborn but he is scaled inline with Primaris. I think he is amazing and I love his retro details like exposed pipes and armour studs.

It does beg the question what is the lore for such a huge model? I imagine the complicated answer is he’s crossed the Rubicon and the Chapters’ artificers had to painstakingly rework his firstborn armour to fit his new frame. The simple answer is Space Marines have always been this size and firstborn are just incorrectly scaled (same model height as a Cadian Guardsman). With all this complication in mind I can see why the Black Templar codex offers no explanation for his size. His ambiguity is for you to decide.

I used my own tutorial for the Castellan. it’s worth checking out even if you don’t paint Black Templars because how I paint the gold is a super simple top tip that can be used on most models.

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