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If you follow me on social media, you might have already seen this picture, but today on the blog you get the hi res version and I share close ups of the Chaplain after the jump. 

This sculpt is beautiful. The movement in the robes and hanging parchments is so natural. His purposeful stride, holding his badge of office aloft is a real power pose. He doesn’t need to point his gun to look intimidating. The layered sculpt is really good. Armour, robes, belts, trinkets etc. It’s a real 3D model this one. It’s just stunning. I think it’s my favourite Primaris model I’ve painted so far. I want to get another one to convert. I’m thinking a Reiver skull helmet would be good. 

I love the simplistic design of the pimp cane… oops I mean Crozius Arcanum. No overly ornate Christmas decoration on the end of a stick. Just a studded skull. 

I changed the shoulder pad to a Dark Angel Chapter pad. Small touch but it’s nice to do for Character models. 

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