Welcome weary traveller, your journey across the Bloodwind Spoil must have been treacherous and fraught with danger. You’ll find no respite here at them there mines, for this is a deadly Varanite Delve where even the Daemon bound cursed machinery can end your mortal life. Check out my finished Warcry Red Harvest Terrain and I’ll share the paint recipes too.

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What is a Varanite Delve? It’s an area being mined for precious transmutative realmstone called Varanite. Because of it’s valuable nature mining equipment such Pit Dredgers and Vananite Syphons are fought over by rival prospecting warbands that want to buy the attention of Archaon with coveted Varanite.

In Warcry, Delve Engines are interactive and you can turn them on and off by spending Ability Dice. It costs a Double to turn on and a Triple to turn off. Turning on a Delve Engine makes any attached Sluices hazardous. Standing on a Sluice will see you suffer 2D6 damage points when it’s turned on and standing within 3″ will inflict D6 damage points.


Wood Paint Recipe

Dirty Bronze Metals

For the masonry parts, check out this tutorial here.
The Warcry Red Harvest Starter set includes an incredible amount of terrain. 7 large sprues worth!

I hope you enjoyed my tour around my completed Varanite Delve. It was a lot of fun to paint as I kept it super simple. It was still time consuming picking out all the metal trim and skeletons but in the end I turned this terrain set around in a single week. Not too bad!

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