The Invictor Tactical Warsuit could be easily mistaken for a Dreadnought because it shares the same chassis as the Redemptor Dreadnought but it’s been stripped of the heavier armour and sealed Sarcophagus and instead has a roll cage and a harness. The Invictor is a Warsuit with it’s pilot being able to hop in and out at leisure.

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In this configuration it’s capable of laying down an impressive 17 shots from it’s Ironhail Heavy Stubbers, Heavy Bolter and Twin Ironhail Autocannons, not to mention it’s 18” range D6 Fragstorm grenade launcher. It’s Invictor fist does 3 damage at -3 Armour Penetration, when combined with it’s x2 strength of 14 and 4 attacks should see the Warsuit knock wounds off of heavier armoured multi wound targets in combat.

With it’s concealed set up rules and movement of 10” (it’s movement does get less the more wounds it suffers) it can be on top of enemy positions from the beginning of the battle making it a huge threat to the enemy that they’re going to have to deal with immediately. I think for 160pts it’s pretty good value with it’s toughness of 6, 13 wounds and 3+ save. It won’t be easy to remove with small arms fire.

When you’re assembling the model it’s a good idea to work in sub-assemblies. I left the pilot out and didn’t glue the roll cage down (it’s hinged). The legs, torso and arms were all left separate as well. I also left the shoulder, knee and groin plates off so I could basecoat those green and the chassis silver. I used an airbrush to undercoat the model black and then I basecoated the chassis parts in Leadbelcher and the armour and torso was basecoated in Caliban Green.

I carefully glazed the armour panels with heavily watered down Warpstone Glow building up the translucent layers gradually. If the blending looked a bit rough I’d glaze some thin layers of caliban green over it to help smooth the transitions. I edge highlighted with Moot Green. I used Contrast Dark Angels Green to paint around rivets and panel lines to add definition.

The silver chassis was basecoated with Leadbelcher and washed with Agrax Earthshade and then Nuln Oil. Then drybrushed with Leadbelcher and then drybrushed with Stormhost Silver. I then used Contrast Black Templar to paint thin lines around rivets and where metal butted up against each other to add definition.

The icons were freehand painted. I really like using watered down Corax White for painting the icons. In two coats you get a solid off white colour. I decided on a vehicle number of 1 because it’s my first Invictor Warsuit. I didn’t paint any Company badges because I see Vanguard Primaris as natural successors to Scouts and the 10th company badge for Dark Angels is just green on it’s own.

Do you own an Invictor? I think it might be my favourite Space Marine Walker. What’s your favourite Space Marine Walker?

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