I painted 20 Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn for today’s post. These doughty space-faring industrialists are pretty cool and a lot of fun to paint. Find out more in today’s post.

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Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Warriors painted by Garfy

The Hearthkyn squad really reminds me of the First Born Space Marine tactical squad with their Theyn (sergeant) and two special weapons now profiled HunTR such as Magna-rail rifle or the HYLas auto rifle. The difference between Hearthkyn and Tactical Squads is Hearthkyn can take up to 20 Hearthkyn Warriors in a squad.

The Leagues of Votann army launch set came with 20 Hearthkyn Warriors. The first thing I had to decide was do I want 2 squads of 10, or 1 squad of 20. I’m a painter and variety keeps me interested so I decided on two squads. One squad with the Autoch-pattern Bolter and one squad with Ion-Blasters.

The squad options also include medipacks, multi wave comms array and pan spectral scanner. I included a couple in each squad. Assembling the models is really easy but a lot of the instructions aren’t labelled so you have to guess which is a medick, what is the pan spectral array etc.

For colour scheme, I actually pinched the colours from my Orlock Quad Bikers and the Theyn’s Plasma Sword is based on my Bloodletters’ hellblades. The bases are based on my Black Templars’ bases.

It took me about 2 and a half weeks to paint all 20, but this time was spread out over 2 months as I painted the Kahl and other things in-between so I didn’t get bogged down painting the same thing. Do you ever do that? Paint a character as a treat or reward mid project? Anything to motivate me to finish projects is ok by me.

I’m really happy with the finished squads and I love the colour scheme. I’ve recently painted a Sagitaur and I really could do with a second one because you’re allowed to split a 10 man Hearthkyn squad between 2 Sagitaurs. At the moment I think the only thing my lone Sagitaur can Transport from my collection are my Cthonion Beserks.

Lots of images and close-ups in today’s post. Maybe it inspired you to get some Leagues of Votann or maybe you want to paint your ones yellow as well. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the post. To end this, here’s my paint recipe for the colour scheme.

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