On today’s ToP Tip I’m going to show you how I turn boring grass tufts into vibrant turf.

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I believe this might be a Tale of Painters’ exclusive. I’ve been doing this trick for a while and it’s not something I think is public knowledge.

Are you tuft enough?

These Citadel tufts are a bit bright and not realistic looking. I wasn’t sure about them at first but then I had the idea to paint them with Contrast paints and I was really happy with the result. in the picture above the left tuft is straight out of the packet and does not look right. It’s bright and plastic looking. The right tuft has simply been painted with Contrast Skeleton Horde. The difference is amazing. This got me thinking, would this work for other colours…

Taste the rainbow.

I’m super happy with the the results. I used an old large brush and painted them on the plastic sheet. Once they’re dry I just superglued them to the bases. The left one would look great for Gloomspite Gitz. The middle base would look cool for Idoneth Deepkin and how about Fyreslayers for that last base on the right?

I don’t think I’m going to buy huge packs of coloured tufts anymore, I’m just going to buy these Citadel tufts and paint them what ever colour I want.

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