It’s #newaos time! Age of Sigmar has a brand new edition and for many that means it is time to collect a brand new army and my chosen force are the denizens of Ulfenkarn, the Soulblight Gravelords. In this post, I’ll take a trip down memory lane to the 90s before sharing high quality showcase posts of my Wight King.

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My wife thought the rubble at the front were Custard Cream biscuits.

This wicked Wight King was recently released as part of Start Collecting Soulblight Gravelords. At the time of writing this, that’s the only way you can get him (unless you buy him through a 3rd party on eBay). At first, I didn’t want to buy a Start Collecting set just to paint the Wight King, but then Games Workshop released free to download Soulblight Gravelords Warcry warband rules which feature the Start Collecting set, Cursed City and more. It wasn’t long until I had enough excuses to justify my purpose.

Goblin Green bases and paper banners… the 90s were a simpler time for the hobby.

Assembling the Wight Lord, gave me pangs of nostalgia. Something was stirring in my soul, so I made a trip to my Mausoleum to collect a sacred artefact made in ages past (I went up in my loft to fetch a photograph). Whilst the picture was taken in 2001, the army was painted in 1996. The models have long since been banished to the underworld (underselling world of eBay). If I remember correctly I was paid around £70 for them back in the early 2000s. I haven’t thought of any of this in 20 years, not until now when I assembled the new Wight Lord.

Pretty fly for a Wight guy.

When it came to choosing a colour scheme for my new AOS3 Undead army I did consider purple like I used back in the mid 90s, but I quickly went off the idea, after all, I’d spent a good few months painting the models in Cursed City so I already had paint recipes and methods in place for the Ulfenkarn paint scheme. Just like a skeleton, my choice was a no brainer, an Undead Legion raised from the City of Ulfenkarn would be fit for a (Wight) King.

Ulfenkarn’s new pop band; Boney M.

The colour scheme translates perfectly from a Skeleton Warrior to the Wight King. I love the faded desaturated red tones. They look aged and weathered. I’ve worked green washes into the gold and brown into the metal to reinforce the aging. I like the warm tones of the bone, red and gold but the contrast of the cold blue/black makes it stand out and breaks it all up. it really reminds me of the boxart from Campaign Pack Circle of Blood that Games Workshop released in the mid 90s.

Image borrow from

There was one thing that I couldn’t work out when painting my Wight King and that was the colour of the helmet wings. I thought about bright red wings, a friend suggested black and gold but in the end I went for an aged copper. I liked the idea of the orangey tones working well with the faded reds. I little bit of Nililakh Oxide helps age it too.

Check out my How to Paint tutorial link below if you’d like to paint your Soulblight Gravelords the same way.

Thanks for checking out my Wight King. We’re having a Soulblight Gravelords couple of weeks on Tale of Painters so check back regularly to quench your thirst on some bloody good posts.

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