Welcome to today’s blog post where I share two Maggotkin of Nurgle Heroes I recently painted. I’ll also share paint recipes for a few of the prominent parts of these models.

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Thanks to Games Workshop for sending over the Rotbringer Sorcerer for me to paint up. The Lord of Plagues I bought myself from my local Games Workshop for £10, what a bargain.

Maggotkin of Nurgle Rotbringer Sorcerer

Rotbringer Sorcerers are wizards who use corrupting spells allowing them to spew streams of slime over their enemies or afflicting them foul diseases. The model is armed with a Rotwood Staff and comes with a choice of heads. A hooded human head and a Rotfly head. I choose the Rotfly head because I liked the little insect arm and leg and wanted to really show my sorcerer has been blessed by Grandfather Nurgle with his daemonic gifts.

I had fun painting the Rotbringer Sorcerer. It allowed me to mix my Nurgle Daemon colour scheme with my Nurgle Mortal colour scheme.

Green Daemon Skin

Purple cloth

Rusty weapons

Maggotkin of Nurgle Lord of Plagues

Armed with a Plague-ridden Great Blade a Lord of Plagues lead their revolting warbands swinging their rusty, filth-encrusted axes. The model is basic compared to many newer plastic heroes and doesn’t include any options. Funnily enough, the sprue includes a square base, a throwback to Warhammer Fantasy battle game system.

When it came to deciding a paint scheme for my mortal Maggotkin, I wanted a fleshy skin full of life but corrupted by disease. I also wanted to a disgusting colour for the armour and after wracking my mind for a colour I’d seen that made me feel sick, I went for baby poop brown. Fellow Dad’s on nappy duty will understand this.

Baby Poop Brown Armour

Virulent Skin 

Check back next week when I share my Nurgle Daemons.

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