Cheers, as promised the tutorial about how I painted my Sanguinary Guard. As in my popular Blood Angel tutorial, I paint the armour in a easy techniques like drybrushing and washing and finish off the model by crisp detail work.

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1. Prime the model with Leather Brown Color Primer from The Army Painter. The medium brown offers an excellent basecoat for the gold areas, as well as for the base or the red shoulder pads. Overbrush the sand heavily with Dheneb Stone and generously wash with Gryphonne Sepia. Paint the rocks with P3 Bastion Grey and drybrush with Fortress Grey.

2. Paint the armour with VGC Glorious Gold [Shining Gold], then wash with slightly thinned Devlan Mud (first picture). Drybrush heavily with Glorious Gold then lightly with P3 Radiant Platinum [you can also use Mithril Silver with a little Gold added] (second picture). Further highlight the armour with thin lines of Radiant Platinum, then bring it all together by a wash of thinned Gryphonne Sepia (third picture).

3. Paint the metal areas Boltgun Metal, wash with Badab Black and highlight with Chainmail.

Paint the red shoulder pads with Red Gore, shade with VGC Brown Ink, highlight with Blood Red and P3 Khardic Flesh [you can use Dwarf Flesh as well], glaze with thinned Baal Red.

Paint the white areas RMS Rainy Grey [mix Astronomican Grey with a little Adeptus Battlegrey], layer VGC Ghost Grey [Astronomican Grey and White] and highlight with Morrow White [Skull White].

Paint the parchment Khemri Brown, layer Dheneb Stone, highlight with RMS Polished Bone and RMS Linen White [mix increasing amounts of White into Dheneb Stone].

Paint the wax Warlock Purple, wash with Leviathan Purple, layer Warlock Purple and highlight with a mix of Warlock Purple and Fortress Grey.

Paint the gems with P3 Sanguine Base [Scab Red and Black mix], highlight with Red Gore, Blood Red and Fiery Red. Add a little dot of P3 Carnal Pink [you can use Skull White as well].

Paint the Angelus Bolter with Chaos Black, highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey and Fortress Grey.

4. Paint the blade of the Glaive Encarmaine Sanguine Base with a little wash of Badab Black around the heft. Then blend with P3 Sanguine Highlight, RMS Pale Violet Red and a mix of Pale Violet Red and P3 Carnal Pink. Add an extreme highlight of Carnal Pink, then glaze with thinned Baal Red. For Citadel Colours, mix Warlock Purple with Red Gore and then add Black or White as you see fit.

5. Prime the wings with Matt White from The Army Painter. Then paint them the same way as the other white ornaments. Finish with a coat of matt varnish.

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