Last week I shared the Horns of Hashut, and today it’s the turn of the Rotmire Creed. Exiles from their cities for practising foul medicinal practices these humans find themselves unwittingly serving Grandfather Nurgle’s diabolical schemes. 

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Heading into the Gnarlwood in search of the Eye of Chotec, a crashed Slaan Starship they plan to corrupt the engines with plagues to destroy the entire forest. 

These models are covered in details. Belts, straps, lesions, scabs and sores. They quite fiddly to paint with lots of layers of bamboo and fabric. This made them time consuming and I had to plough some serious hours into late night paint sessions to get these done in time for the launch. 

I wasn’t a fan of the official green scheme,  I felt it was a bit obvious for swamp dwelling plague warriors. Yeah instead I opted for a desaturated purple and baby pooh brown. I wanted the skin to have a hint of life to it, I was careful not to make them look like zombies but I also wanted them to look ill.

I’m not sure how these fit in with my large Age of Sigmar collection. Do I display them on the Maggotkin shelf, or the Slaves to Darkness shelf? Either way, my conglomerated Chaos force is getting absolutely huge now with numerous Warcry Warbands from Mortal and Daemon factions. 

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