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Welcome adventurer to the original Warhammer Quest! Rest your weary legs traveller as I take you on a journey back to 1995. A fully painted boxed game and details await you after the jump.

Shown above is my Warhammer Quest set with expansions and few extra character packs.

Originally designed by Andy Jones and Gavin Thorpe Warhammer Quest was an adventure game set in the depths of the World that once was the Warhammer Old World. The game included four characters to use. A Wizard, an Elf, a Dwarf and a Barbarian. You and your friends would work together to complete the mission. Every dungeon adventure was different with 5 different boss battle end game rooms to randomly generate with 6 randomly determined missions for each room. That’s 30 different missions to play!

Four one piece mono-pose character models which were pushing the boundaries of plastic molding back in 1995. I think they still look great. 

Rooms were generated randomly and certain rooms and dice rolls triggered events from collapsing floors to a room full of enemies. Floor pieces were held together with awesome detailed plastic doorways which gave a height and 3D effect to the playing area. The game also included blank event cards you could write on. The Role-play book included every monster in the Warhammer Old World so you could take your Warhammer Skaven Army and fill out the blank cards and fill your next adventure with a Skaven theme. 

Using the Role-play book you can link your games by travelling to settlements, spending gold earn in the dungeon, or selling treasure to acquire more gold and levelling up your character. You kept the same character and treasure from mission to mission. Everything was tracked using a character sheet, pencil and eraser. Random events could happen in the settlements, I remember once our Dwarf had to marry the chief’s daughter before we could leave.

Hordes of smaller critters like rats, bats and spiders would slow the adventurers down.

The game seemed unlimited, but that didn’t stop Games Workshop releasing two Campaign Packs called Lair of the Orc Warlord and Catacombs of Terror as well as three new packs of treasure cards. The campaign packs included new floor pieces, rulebooks, event cards, treasure cards and new enemies to battle. 

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

The Dungeons in the game were predominately Greenskins, including Goblins, Night Goblins and Snotlings. 

Games Workshop also released individually boxed character sets which included the characters rules and card counters for the miniature in the box. These sets included a Warrior Priest, an Elf Ranger, A Chaos Warrior, A Witch Hunter and a few others. 

The biggest Greenskins in the set are the Orc Warriors.  

The monsters included on the game box tended to be static, flat, once piece, mono pose miniatures. But that didn’t seem to matter because it was all about just grinding your way through a horde of enemies and earning that gold and treasure. The same enemies would pop up time and time again in the same mission. 

This Chaos Warrior was one of many Character Packs

Games Workshop have released a brand new version of Warhammer Quest called Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. It is now just set in a single dungeon instead of the entire Warhammer Old World. They are releasing an App to allow you to use any of the Heroes (or Villains) from their plastic character series. There are 9 missions to work through and collect all the pieces of a broken amulet. There doesn’t seem to be a role-play or level up system like the original. We can only speculate at the moment if this game will be supported with expansions and new dungeons. I hope they do though.

Twelve Skaven Clanrats also added variety to the enemies you fought.  

The biggest and hardest enemies to fight were the Minotaurs!

Are you buying Silver Tower this weekend? Did you play the original? Let me know in the comments below. 

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