Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion, the Sombre Paladin, the Lord of Masques, the Summerking, heralds another wave of Flesh-eater Courts models. In this review, we not only look at this new centrepiece model, but also post high-res sprue pics of all the new characters such as Gormayne, the Abhorrant Cardinal, and the Royal Decapitator.

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Flesh-eater Courts Ushoran Mortarch of Delusion, Grand Justice Gormayne, Abhorrant Cardinal, Royal Decapitator review
These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Flesh-eater Courts release wave can be preordered from Saturday, February 3, 2024. The models go on sale two weeks later, following a two-week preorder window.

Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion review

Ushoran comes on a 130mm round base and a large and a small sprue. There are no bitz, no alternate heads or weapons or posing options, so this is a complex but straight-forward build. Ushoran’s design is absolutely spectacular, and the presence of his massive body is underscored by a beautifully crafted, yet not overly cluttered scenic base. His royal regalia perfectly complements the lore of the Flesh-eater Courts.

Grand Justice Gormayne review

Gormayne’s box contains a small clampack-sized sprue and a 32mm base. Like other special characters, this model also has no build options. Gormayne is my secret favourite of the new Flesh-eater Courts release wave; the judge’s wig made of entrails is just a brilliant idea. I hope we’ll see some of these models at the next Golden Demon.

Flesh-eater Courts Grand Justice Gormayne sprue review

Abhorrant Cardinal review

I’m starting to repeat myself, but the Abhorrent Cardinal is also available in a small box with a clampack-sized sprue and a 32mm base. There are no assembly options here too. An alternative head would have been nice, although the sprue is quite packed.

Flesh-eater Courts Abhorrant Cardinal sprue review

Royal Decapitator review

Lastly, we have the Royal Decapitator. The clampack of this executioner includes a small sprue and a 32mm base, and finally, there’s also a head option. You can assemble the model with a hood over the head or a bare head with bone adornments. At least.

Flesh-eater Courts Royal Decapitator sprue review

Other kits & releases

Additionally, alongside the discussed models, we also have Book 4 of the Dawnbringers series, the new Flesh-eater Courts Battletome, as well as the models from the army set available individually. Detailed reviews of the Varghulf Courtier, the Crypt Ghouls, and the Morbheg Knights can be found in my review of the army set here.


The price for Ushoran is around £70 / 90 € / $115. The character models range between £22.50 / 30 € / $35 and £15 / 32.50 € / $40, which is relatively expensive for models of this size. Whether it’s worth it for you is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Fortunately, there have been many discounts on the core units of the Flesh-eater Courts in army sets and Vanguard boxes recently, so hopefully, you’ve saved some money there.

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