Check out this post where I share stunning photographs of my Leagues of Votann Kâhl as well as a comprehensive painting guide.

The Kâhl kit is pretty nifty, you can make either Ûthar the Destined or a your own Kâhl. I opted for my own and choose weaponry I thought looked cool, because I don’t play the game I have no idea what the most effective combination is. I choose the Forgewrought Plasma Axe which is +1 str, -3 AP and 2 damage and a Vulcanite Disintegrator, which has an 18″ range, HunTR 3 (whatever that means), 0 AP and 1 damage which on reflection sounds a bit naff, but it’s special rules is an attack with an unmodified 6 inflicts 1 mortal wound. If I was a gamer, then I’d be the type that never rolled a 6. I should have chosen the Autochthonous-pattern combined-bolter.

When it came to deciding the paint scheme for my Leagues of Votann army, I actually just pinched my scheme from my Orlock Quad Outriders I’d painted earlier this year. The only tweaks I did to the scheme was adding fiery blades to the melee weapons and blue glows to energy ranged weaponry. I actually wrote a more detailed guide for the fiery blades here.

Here’s my handy recipe card detailing how I painted my Kâhl. He took about a week to paint and there are quite a few steps. For a quicker battle-ready scheme just leave off the tricky edge highlight step on each part. It’ll still look good! Also, I can’t believe how well I painted the eyes. Not like me at all.

if you’d like to know how I painted the bases, that info is in my Black Templar tutorial.

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