The cover story on this month’s White Dwarf is all about Dark Angels and I was invited to share my collection on these hallowed pages. Regular readers would have been following my progress on my Dark Angels for a while but I thought I’d use this post to share the models that aren’t in the article. Check them out after the jump. 

So White Dwarf is produced around 4 months in advance of it being distributed (needs to be translated, printed, distributed all over the world etc) so I actually took these models up to Warhammer World during April. Since then I’ve painted lots more models which you can see below. 

As you can see from the army shot in the magazine, my squads are short on numbers (reason on the magazine!) So I recently painted the missing bodies from the Intercessors and Reivers. I still have an Inceptor and two Hellblasters to paint to complete the other squads. 

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This Chaplain was a joy to paint, if ever there was a Primaris model who looked the part for Interrogating Fallen it’s this guy. Easily one of my favourite from the range. 

This Apothecary was hard work, so much detail that had to be painstakingly blacked in while running the risk of ruining that white armour. Not fun to paint, but really happy with the outcome. 

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You’ll also see in the picture above I have a few units from Shadowspear. These Infiltrators are fantastic. So characterful. I have five more Infiltrators, A Phobos Lieutenant and a Phobos Captain to complete the Shadowspear marines. 

It’s a great mag this month, really interesting modelling article on Ice Worlds. Rules for Blackstone Fortress Ogryns, Lotr article, Warcry Battle reports, Gotrek download for Total War II and so much more! Get your copy here. 

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