In today’s post I share with you a complete step by step photo tutorial guide on how to paint fiery molten iron blades. More after the jump!

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This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to paint. For the beginners, I will explain the techniques as I go along. Each picture below shows four chronological steps. Underneath each picture are the corresponding instructions. Each step shows the paint I used during that step.

Paints you will need for this tutorial:
Corax White (Base)
White Scar (Layer)
Yriel Yellow (Layer)
Trollslayer Orange (Layer)
Wild Rider Red (Layer)
Lahmian Medium (Technical)

1. Paint the blade White. I mix some clean water into Corax White and paint two thin coats over the blade. I then paint a layer of watered down White Scar over the top.

2. Create a glaze of Yriel Yellow and Lahmian Medium (equal parts) then paint a thin coat over the blade. Once dry, do a second thin coat leaving the middle area of the blade alone so it’s lighter. Do a third thin coat to intensify the yellow.

3. Create a glaze of Troll Slayer Orange and Lahmian Medium (equal parts) then paint a thin coat around the edge of the blade. Once dry repeat this step. Thin, multiple layers will create a softer blend. Repeat a third time to intensify the orange.

4. Create a glaze of Wild Rider Red and Lahmian Medium (equal parts) then paint a thin coat around the edge of the blade, you should be leaving some of the previous layer showing. Because you’re getting close to the edge and it’s going to be covered by the next step just give a second thin coat to intensify the colour.

5. Finally, using a brush (around size 1) with a decent point, use lightly watered down Rhinox Hide to add tiny dots of varying sizes along the edge of the blade. Paint some dots down the centre of the blade as well. It’s ok to let the dots touch and clump up the closer they are to the edge of the blade.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial.

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