As 2022 draws to a close my Great Unclean waddles in and joins the rest of my #newyearnewarmy project I started in January. In this post they’ll be some pictures of him and the 1500pt Maggotkin army I painted. There’s also a group shot of all my Chaos Greater Daemons.

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I’ve always loved the classic Realm of Chaos cover art by Les Edwards and my photo above is a love letter to that evocative masterpiece. A giant Great Unclean One looming over his minions with toxic clouds and effluence surrounding them.

This Great Daemon of Nurgle was a generous gift from my good mate Adam. As soon as he gifted it to me I knew I wanted to paint in straight away and I shelved the Slaves to Darkness Launch army set to paint him. During the three weeks it took to assemble and paint I feel in love with this sculpt and by the end I didn’t want it to end. I’m actually thinking about getting another kit to paint up Rotigus.

How to paint Spoilpox Scrivener Nurgle Plaguebearers by Garfy

Painting the Great Unclean One was relatively easy as I just followed my recipe card above. It translated perfectly fine to the bigger model.

I mentioned in my intro that I chose Maggotkin of Nurgle as my 2022 New Year army project. I managed to hit 1490pts which is pictured above. I’m really happy with how unified everything looks even though there are distinct colour schemes for subsections like Daemons and Mortals.

Here you can see the three Greater Daemons I’ve painted so far. I’m really enjoying collecting these small sized chaos armies. I guess 2023 #newyearnewarmy has to be Tzeentch!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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