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Finally, my Silver Skulls Kill Team is complete (for now). This took longer than expected. I really need to find more efficient ways of painting… anyways, learn more about Sergeant Garev and his team, assembled by decree by Captain Krystofer of the 3rd Company himself.

With calculated strategies and carefully analysed intelligence, Brother-Sergeant Garev and his team formulate perfect battle plans to neutralise the foe. Moving fast and striking hard, the Silver Skulls must eliminate their target then disengage before the foe even realises the danger.

Sergeant Garev delights in doing the Emperor’s work for the good of all followers of our blog erm… Mankind. Yeah, the name is definitely not connected in any way with our fellow painter Garfy/Gareth.

Garev and Eryk are both Sergeants – I actually don’t know if Silver Skulls Sergeants follow the Codex and wear red helmets or not, so I chose bare heads instead and denoted the Sergeant status with a red stripe on the knee pad (red because it’s the heraldry colour of the the 3rd Company).

The chapter icons and names on the base rims were made with custom made transfers. I’m a graphic designer in real life, so I drew the designs in a vector graphic software, then printed the black outlines on transparent transfer paper with a laser printer. I basecoated the shoulder guards with The Army Painter’s Warpaints Shining Silver [Stormhost Silver] and the rim of the bases with VMC Dark Grey [Eshin Grey]. Once dry and sealed with ‘Ardcoat, I applied the transfers, I made them fit the curved surface with Microsol and painted around the outlines with VMC Black [Abaddon Black].

It was really fun to come up with names and personality of the squad. Some names are based on names found in Silver Skulls stories and novels from Black Library, others are 40k-ified versions of friends of mine.

If you’d like to learn how I painted these models, check out my detailed step-by-step tutorial here. Yeah, the armour is just a basecoat of Warpaints Gun Metal [Leadbelcher], washed with a 1:1 mix of Warpaints Dark Tone Ink [Nuln Oil] and Nuln Oil Gloss, and a final drybrush of Warpaints Shining Silver [Stormhost Silver]. This recipe is inspired by Darren Latham’s Silver Skull and Paul Norton’s Iron Ravens armies, which painted their power armour in a similar way.

At some point, I want to add a couple of Vanguard Infiltrators, and some characters from Kill Team Commander, but for now, I want to paint something that doesn’t wear power armour 😉

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