Here comes our short review and unboxing of Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow. In the second half of the Realm of Beast themed season of Warhammer Underworlds, Stormcast Eternals and Disciples of Tzeentch enter the guts of Ghur as they carve their way into the arcane knot of roots known as the Wyrdhollow.

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Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow review and unboxing
This item was kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow core box will be available for preorder starting Saturday, April 29, 2023, and go on sale one week after. The RRP will be £65 / 80 € / $95, just like the previous boxes.

Wyrdhollow review

The warbands

Wyrdhollow comes with two new warbands. Domitan’s Stormcoven, which is a new Stormcast Eternals warband consisting of three Knight-Arcanums, and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium, a new Disciples of Tzeentch warband with five models.

Domitan’s Stormcoven sprues from our Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow review
Domitan’s Stormcoven sprues

I think the Stormcast models are quite solid, but the Tzeentch warband is spectacular and wonderfully weird, and I can’t wait to see Garfy’s take on them. Especially Ephilim the Unknowable himself, but also Spawnmaw, who is clearly inspired by the former metal Pink Horrors. I wish they would have leaned more in this direction when they made the plastic Pink and Blue Horrors models, but at least we get a fantastic-looking warband now. As usual, both warbands are monopose models that come on two small coloured sprues of plastic each.

Ephilim’s Pandaemonium sprues from our Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow review
Ephilim’s Pandaemonium sprues

Decks and rules

Apart from a new gaming board and tokens, we also have four preconstructed Rival decks. There is one for each warband, plus two universal ones – Toxic Terrors and Seismic Shock. You can play these decks just as they are, or start combining cards. I really like how Games Workshop appreciates a plug-and-play gaming style for its latest Underworlds releases.

Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow contents
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The new rules booklet has a few pages of new lore for both the Wyrdhollow setting and both warbands. The rules are very well structured, but as I’ve mentioned in my Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood review before, with 36 pages (plus 4 pages for multiplayer games and 6 pages of glossary), they’ve become quite heavy for a 30-minute game. Wyrdhollow even expands the core rules with two new actions, Stun and Barge. Personally, I would really appreciate a complete overhaul of Warhammer Underworlds for the next season, like a second edition. Streamlining the rules and changing the structure of the rulebook into a quick play and advanced rules section, similar to what games like Magic the Gathering do.

Where to get

You can find Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow at our partner stores Wayland GamesElement Games, Firestorm Games, and Taschengelddieb, with a welcome discount of up to 20% over RRP.

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  • Two great looking warbands
  • Four ready to play Rival decks
  • All you need to play in one box


  • Rules section is very well structured, but quite bloated by now

Final Verdict

Another season, another pair of Warbands pitted against each other. Both Domitan’s Stormcoven and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium are very nice sculpts. With four ready to play Rival decks, getting into the game is quite straight-forward, if you can manage to work your way through the extensive rules section.