Mutating and twisting the mortal realms in a kaleidoscope of magic, the Screamers of Tzeentch ride these magical waves in search of lost souls. Shoals of Screamers hunt down their prey no matter what its size using barbed, spiked and bladed wings. Even large creatures aren’t safe from their lamprey bite and gorging itself on the life blood of the hapless victim. In today’s post I’ll share my photos of the Screamers of Tzeentch, have a look at their rules and share my paint recipes.

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These Screamers came as part of the Start Collecting Disciples of Tzeentch starter set and it’s one of the best Start Collecting sets if you want an instant Warcry warband. The models come with clear plastic flying stands but I’m not really a fan of those. I used the flames from the Braziers included in the Dominion of Sigmar: Time Worn Ruins set and drilled into the top of them with a pin vise, inserted a straightened paper clip and then sculpted new flames with green stuff over the top of the paperclip. I shared a work in progress on my twitter.

In games of Age of Sigmar, the Screamers of Tzeentch cost 100pts for 3 models and if you choose The Hosts Arcanum as your Change Coven (sub faction) then Screamers of Tzeentch are actually Battleline. That means the Start Collecting set will have the minimum 2 battlelines required (the other being Pink Horrors).

Using Storm Forge on the WH AoS App I can quickly add all the units of the Start Collecting Disciples of Tzeentch and make a legal Pitched Battles 810pt army. OK you will want to buy a box of Blue and Brimstone Horrors for when your Pink Horrors split in two.

Anyway, back to the Screamers. For your 100pts you get a very fast flying unit with a lot of effective attacks and the ability to dish out mortal wounds! With a move of 16″ every time your Screamer unit passes over an enemy unit you can use their Slashing Fins ability and for each Screamer roll a D6. On a 4+ that unit suffers a Mortal Wound. Their Lamprey Bite attack is 1″ range with 3 attacks. It hits and wounds on 3s with a -1 rend and does 1 damage. Each model has 3 wounds and a 5+ save. I’m going to need a bigger unit!

Painting the Screamers of Tzeentch was an exercise in layering multiple thin coats of paint (called glazing). I wanted the fins to blend into the body with plenty of bright colour and saturation. I also wanted the extremities like tail and fin tips to feature gradients in deeper shades. Overall, I’m extremely happy with how the unit came out.

Above is my recipe card for the Screamers of Tzeentch. It’s pretty straight forward. Where you see + it means to mix the two paints listed, as for the ratio it’s really down to personal preference. For instance if you want to glaze multiple layers slowly you’ll want a to mix in more Contrast Medium to make it thinner and more translucent. If you want to do it in a single coat you’ll use less Contrast Medium (if any at all). Remember, this is a recipe card and not a full tutorial. It’s information at a glance to help remind me how to paint more Screamers in 6 months time.

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