When I was in the Oxford Street Games Workshop the other day I picked up some Liquid Green Stuff. This sounds too good to be true. A medium you can paint on with a brush and it dries hard and can be sanded and scraped…

Well, it is true! It’s quite a gloopy mixture, really thick, but using an old brush you can apply it really easily. The impressive thing is the speed at which you can apply it and it dries. Only takes a few minutes.

It’s perfect for small holes and small gaps, anything bigger will require regular green stuff. Cleaning your brush is as simple as using normal paint, just wash with water and wipe with a clean tissue. I will be using this a lot on my Ultramarines Thunderhawk because it’s just so fast and easy to work with.

Learn more about using “regular” green stuff putty:

I wouldn’t leave your pot of Liquid Green Stuff open for too long, I have a feeling it would dry out pretty quick. I’m not prepared to test that though 😉

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