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Tutorial: How to paint Ultramarines (the Stahly way)

Over the years, I’ve been often asked about how I painted my Ultramarines collection. Ages ago, I created a tutorial, but time has moved on, and since then we’ve launched our popular step-by-step tutorials. So it was about time to create a tutorial in our…

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Showcase: Stahly’s Ultramarines Army

I promised you an army shot and here it is. My complete Ultramarines collection, that I extensively reworked over the last two years. The army shot above is scaled down, check out the full resolution picture here. These are a couple of my favourite models…

40k, Tutorials

Tutorial: Painting Ultramarines the Stahly Way

How to paint Ultramarines Tutorial Hey there! People often ask me in the comments how I painted my Ultramarines army. But until now I never got around doing a proper painting tutorial. Look no further! In this post I share with you all the paints…

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Stahly’s 2021 Hobby Resolution and Recap of 2020

Another year has passed, and despite all that’s going on in the world, we stick to our annual tradition and end the year with a retrospective of what we’ve painted and share our hobby resolutions for the coming year. Today is my turn, so join for a ride through Nighthaunt, Necromunda, Howling Banshees, loads of terrain, and more.


WIP: Ultramarines Land Raider Crusader #1

So I have this Land Raider Crusader I bought years ago (I think it was around 2012 before the price increase from 45 Euro to 50 Euro – nowadays it’s 65 Euro lol), and year after year I vow in my hobby resolutions posts to…