Thunderhawk: Interior Design

Ever wondered what the inside of a Thunderhawk looked like… well wonder no more! I love the first pic here. I can imagine the first pilot saying to the second pilot “I told you not to park the Thunderhawk in the rough part of town”….


Thunderhawk: Winging it

In the last blog I touched upon a few of the tools I use for big resin models, this included cutting the rod and drilling the holes. In the first picture you can see the rod in place. The picture shows two rods but after…


Thunderhawk: Tools for the Job

I thought this blog entry would be good to explain the tools I’m using on this build. As you can See in the first picture I use a Dremel, a selection of files, a craft knife, a hacksaw and some clippers. I also find that…


Thunderhawk: Early Dry Fit

Check out the size of this model in the first dry fit! It’s huge. I think I’m going to need a bigger desk. As you can see some of the parts aren’t fully cleaned up yet, but I couldn’t resist doing a dry fit and…


Thunderhawk: The Big Clean Up

Yesterday we had the unboxing and today is clean up. As you can see in the first picture the largest parts have an incredible amount of flash on them, huge big chunks of the stuff! The only way to remove this is with hacksaw. The…


Unboxing the Thunderhawk Gunship

How exciting is this! I’m so honoured to be joining Sigur and Stahly on Tale of Painters and sharing my works with the hobby community. I’m hoping we can share ideas and people can help me improve with suggestions. My first project on Tale of…


New face to Tale of Painters… Hi.

Is this thing on… testing… testing… Hi I’m Garfy and I like long walks and reading poetry… oh wait, this isn’t a dating website? OK I’m a massive fan of painting Games Workshop models. Most of my spare time is spent pushing paint around with…