Review: Liquid Greenstuff

When I was in the Oxford Street Games Workshop the other day I picked up some Liquid Greenstuff. This sounds to good to be true. A medium you can paint on with a brush and it dries hard and can be sanded and scraped… Well,…


Thunderhawk: Pin to win

Tiny update from me today. The above pic shows the Turbo Laser with a piece of brass rod drilled into it. I thought this simplistic method of switching weapons would work a treat. I’ll use magnets for the heavy bolter wing sponsons though.


Thunderhawk: Grinding the engines

If you’ve been following my Thunderhawk blog entries then you’ll know I have a soft spot for power tools (and hair dryers). I’ve found another power tool to use. In the first pic you can see me sanding one the jet engine parts flat with…


Grey Knights: Painting the Purgation Squad

I’m working on a Purgation Squad this week. The Grey Knight sprue is packed with bits. Enough to make 4 different squads. The Strike Squad, Purifier Squad, Interceptors and the Purgation Squad. You only get 2 Psycannons in the box, but I had 2 from…


Thunderhawk: Interior Design

Ever wondered what the inside of a Thunderhawk looked like… well wonder no more! I love the first pic here. I can imagine the first pilot saying to the second pilot “I told you not to park the Thunderhawk in the rough part of town”….


Thunderhawk: Winging it

In the last blog I touched upon a few of the tools I use for big resin models, this included cutting the rod and drilling the holes. In the first picture you can see the rod in place. The picture shows two rods but after…


Thunderhawk: Early Dry Fit

Check out the size of this model in the first dry fit! It’s huge. I think I’m going to need a bigger desk. As you can see some of the parts aren’t fully cleaned up yet, but I couldn’t resist doing a dry fit and…