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Showcase: Ultramarine Scouts

My long term project of painting a 100 man strong Scout company is 5 models nearer. Currently totalling 35 painted models I’m 1/3 of the way there. I recently bought a really good condition box set of Tyranid Attack which has 10 of these scout…


Where the magic happens: Garfy’s Man Cave

I thought it might be cool to let the members of Tale of Painters view my man cave for a little look round to see where I spend my free time. Above my desk is a signed Storm of Magic poster I hung recently. It’s…

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Showcase: Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes

In the excitement of sharing the good news that my Necron Immortal made it on to the What’s New Today blog, I forgot to share one of my Dark Eldar units with you guys. My 6 Reaver Jetbikes. My favourite bit of my paint job…

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Games Workshop What’s New Today Blog: Necrons

I have some great news today. I’m on the What’s New Today Blog with my Necron Immortal. Follow this link to see mine and the other lucky hobbyists Necron models. In the meantime I actually managed to finish the rest of the squad. I think…

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Showcase: Dark Eldar Talos

Continuing my Dark Eldar week on Tale of Painters, I have the honour of sharing my Talos with you guys. Eagle-eyed readers might remember seeing this model on GAmes Workshop’s What’s New Today Blog earlier on in the year.