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Showcase: Completed Grey Knight Purgation Squad

Regular followers of the blog would have seen the WIP around a week ago, well I finished my Grey Knight Purgation squad yesterday. I don’t normally spend this long (23 days) painting 5 models, but I was working on these in-between the Thunderhawk, which is…


W40K Boba Fett Conversion

I made this model in August as a bit of a fun project. I know this is a GW only blog, but technically I can share this with you guys because it’s made out of 40k parts and is 40k scale. I used Catchan Commander…


Thunderhawk: Tail fin

Well today’s entry is all about the rear stabilising tail fin and ailerons. I’ve cleaned the pieces up as shown in the pic above. In these pictures you can see a groove in the engine, it’s important this is facing upwards otherwise the tail fin…


Thunderhawk: Landing Gear Part 2

Brother Sergeant Chronus is mightily impressed with the landing gear. Can you believe that with all the straightening, filing, sanding of all the parts, the actual landing gear needed no work! It was a perfect level fit. Close up shot of the front and rear…


Thunderhawk: Landing gear part 1

With all the smaller parts now washed, I could start making up some of the smaller assemblies such as the landing gear. As you can see in the first pic there are quite a few parts (none of which are labelled or numbered by the…


Thunderhawk: Wash your bits

The build has been going really well, with most of the big parts cleaned up, straightened and dry fitted. It’s time to clean the parts. I use hot water, a toothbrush and washing up liquid to clean the parts. As you can see I use…

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Tutorial: Painting Ultramarine armour

Our very own Stahly here is the Ultramarine Master on the site but I love my colossal Ultramarine collection, and I get asked a lot what my recipe for the armour is. Well today I’m pleased to share that recipe with you guys at Tale…


Review: Citadel Liquid Green Stuff

When I was in the Oxford Street Games Workshop the other day I picked up some Liquid Green Stuff. This sounds too good to be true. A medium you can paint on with a brush and it dries hard and can be sanded and scraped……


Thunderhawk: Pin to win

Tiny update from me today. The above pic shows the Turbo Laser with a piece of brass rod drilled into it. I thought this simplistic method of switching weapons would work a treat. I’ll use magnets for the heavy bolter wing sponsons though.


Thunderhawk: Grinding the engines

If you’ve been following my Thunderhawk blog entries then you’ll know I have a soft spot for power tools (and hair dryers). I’ve found another power tool to use. In the first pic you can see me sanding one the jet engine parts flat with…