Stahly's best Tokyo spots for Warhammer, GUNPLA & scale modelling
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ToP Tip: Tokyo’s 7 best spots for Warhammer, GUNPLA & scale modelling

When you think of Tokyo and its renowned geek districts like Akihabara and Ikebukuro, anime and video games may be the first things that come to mind. But that’s only half of the truth. I found that Tokyo is also one of the best places in the world for Warhammer, GUNPLA, and plastic model kits in general. In the following video, dive deep into the unchartered realms of otaku Tokyo, revealing my top seven hobby spots you have to visit on your next trip, plus a few more tips and shopping advice along the way.

Age of Sigmars Dawnbringers boxes review
Age of Sigmar, Reviews

Short review: Dawnbringers box sets

A new Season of Warhammer Age of Sigmar begins with a new narrative series, Dawnbringers, which tells of the beginnings of Sigmar’s Twin-tailed Crusade. To coincide with Book 1, four new boxes are released, each forming a Regiment of Renown and a new miniature for their faction: Phlugoth’s Shudderhood, Braggit’s Bottle-snatchaz, Fjori’s Flamebearers, and Jerrion’s Delegation.

How to paint Hivefleet Kraken Tyranids Termagants from Leviathan featured image
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Tutorial: How to paint Hivefleet Kraken Tyranids from Leviathan

Have you picked up the new Leviathan box and are still looking for a paint scheme for your Tyranids? How about my unique take on Hivefleet Kraken. In this step-by-step tutorial I’ll show you how to combine easy techniques like zenithal basecoating /slapchop, Contrast & Speedpaint and some well-placed highlights to create a real eye-catcher on the board – without having to paint yourself to death.

Warhammer Special Stamps series by Royal Mail UK

First look: Royal Mail Warhammer Special Stamps

Games Workshop and Royal Mail have collaborated to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Warhammer with a set of collectible stamps. These stamps feature well-known characters and factions from the Warhammer universe, appealing to fans worldwide. I got a few of them in my hands, so let’s check them out in this review.

Cinematic shot of two Hivefleet Kraken Termagants painted by Stahly
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Showcase: Hivefleet Kraken Termagants from Leviathan

Unleash the insatiable hunger of Hivefleet Kraken as I bring two of the new Termagant models to life. Join me as I delve into techniques such as painting rich red carapaces, peachy highlights, and an urban-inspired touch.

Cinematic shot of Stahly's Blood Bowl / Blitz Bowl Shambling Undead team
Blood Bowl, Showcase

Showcase: Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team

The Shambling Undead team in Blood Bowl is a bone-chilling force to be reckoned with. Comprised of reanimated corpses, sinister wights, and towering mummies, this macabre squad brings a haunting presence to the pitch. In today’s showcase post, I share some pictures of my finished Blitz Bowl team.

Leviathan box on a concrete background
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Review: Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan

Leviathan is finally here! Join us in an epic XXL review of the 10th Edition Warhammer 40k launch box, covering each kit in detail with high-res sprue pics and a comprehensive walkthrough of all assembly options available. My honest thoughts about Leviathan – find them out in this review.

Leviathan Terminators scale comparison cinematic shot of multiple models in front of a pink dramatic sky
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Scale Comparison: New Leviathan Terminators

Here comes an epic scale comparison of the new Terminator models from the Leviathan launch box for 10th edition of Warhammer 40.000. I included over 20 models from my collection, from 2nd Edition to Horus Heresy Terminators, Firstborn and Primaris Space Marines, Cadians, Skitarii, and more.