How to paint Aeldari Voidscarred Corsairs - painted by Stahly
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Tutorial: How to paint Aeldari Voidscarred Corsairs from Kill Team: Nachmund

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint the new Aeldari / Eldar Voidscarred Corsairs from the Kill Team: Nachmund box, which will be released next week. While there is no official paint scheme yet, the crimson and gold could represent the Twilight Swords, but it’s also the ideal starting point to paint the Visarch, Ynnari, or even Craftworld Altansar. You’ll also learn how to paint a blaster glow effect, scales, and gems, so here we go.

Space Marine Armouring Ritual - Techpriest
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First Look: Space Marine Armouring Ritual

I had the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the “Space Marine Armouring Ritual”. What is it exactly? On the behest of the Holy Inquisition, I’m not allowed to tell you yet, but I do have a Tale of Painters exclusive preview image for you.

New Eldar / Aeldari Warlocks review, box art
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Review: New Eldar / Aeldari Warlocks

Finally – Aeldari Warlocks in plastic! In this post we’ll see what the new kit has to offer, and how the new Warlocks scale up to the older models. Find out more in our Eldar Warlocks review here on Tale of Painters.