Stahly's Paint Picks: The best warm gold & copper paints
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ToP Tip: The best gold & copper paints

Today, I have two quartets of metallic paints for you. One set consists of warm golds, perfect for Stormcast Eternals, Adeptus Custodes, or any golden details. The other set includes four reddish copper tones ranging from light to dark, perhaps an inspiration for painting the...
Kill Team: Termination box on concrete background review & unboxing
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Review: Kill Team: Termination

This is a review of Kill Team: Termination, the 3rd boxed expansion of the Bheta-Decima season. The hardy Hernkyn Yaegirs of the Leagues of Votann want to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Cult of the Chittering Verse and encounter the cult's...
New Vallejo Model Color review & comparison
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Review: New Vallejo Model Color range

All you need to know about the updated Vallejo Model Color range in one review. I've tested all 220 colours and will address all your burning questions. How does the new Model Color compare to the old version? Did they simply adopt the Game Color...
KRYDRUFI modular art box review & unboxing
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Review: KRYDRUFI All-in-one modular art box

Do you have limited hobby space and appreciate modular storage solutions with a clever design that pack away neatly? Then the KRYDRUFI All-in-one modular art box might be just what you're looking for, combining water containers, brush holders, and a wet palette. This Kickstarter-funded product...
Chronicle Cards' Techlon Tiger Drybrush Set on a purple background, photographed for review purposes

Review: Chronicle Cards Techlon Tiger Drybrushes set

Last year Chronicle Cards brought their third brush set to life on Kickstarter. Following the all-round wolf bristle brushes and fine Kolinsky sable brushes, they've now created a set of drybrushes made from synthetic hair. The set has now seen a general release in Chronicle...