The Shambling Undead team in Blood Bowl is a bone-chilling force to be reckoned with. Comprised of reanimated corpses, sinister wights, and towering mummies, this macabre squad brings a haunting presence to the pitch. In today’s showcase post, I share some pictures of my finished Blitz Bowl team.

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Blood Bowl Shambling Undead painted by Stahly, group shot

Painting my Shambling Undead team for Blitz Bowl, the board game version of Blood Bowl, was a thrilling endeavor. Approaching this project with various ideas in mind, I wanted to experiment with techniques such as zenithal basecoating and slapchop, while also utilizing the new Vallejo Xpress Colors, which I reviewed here. Opting for a classic red scheme, I blended deep crimson with a brighter red shade to achieve the desired effect.

I began by painting a Skeleton as a test model, followed by the Zombies, the other Skeletons, and finally the Mummy and Ghoul. The Shambling Undead team offers a unique playstyle in Blitz Bowl, as they are the only team with seven players on the pitch. I am eager to give them a try.

Painting Shambling Undead for Blood Bowl

For the armour, I applied two coats of VXP Velvet Red over a zenithal basecoat consisting of Warpaints Air Oak Brown, Warpaints Air Charred Bone, and Warpaints Air Bleached Bone. I then added edge highlights using Warpaints Scar Tissue and Centaur Skin. To create the verdigris effect, I thinned Kabalite Green and VGC Foul Green.

Shambling Undead Masterclass tutorial Patreon banner

If you’re interested, you can find a detailed 16-page PDF tutorial on painting my Shambling Undead team on my Patreon page. The guide covers the entire process for painting a Skeleton player, with additional tutorials for painting Zombie skin, Ghoul flesh, and dungeon bases.

My other Blitz Bowl teams

In addition to the Shambling Undead, I have also painted other Blitz Bowl teams, including Humans (Reikland Raveners), Orcs (The Gouged Eye), Skaven (Skavenblight Scramblers), and Dark Elves (Naggaroth Nightmares). I thoroughly enjoy painting Blitz Bowl teams as they offer self-contained projects with just half the contents of a Blood Bowl team box.

I hope you enjoyed witnessing the progress of my team. Up next, I will be working on a few Termagants for an upcoming free tutorial!

Cinematic shot of Stahly's Blood Bowl / Blitz Bowl Shambling Undead team

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