I’m a collector. Gaming is a rarity for me, but I still like my collections to follow the structure of an army. Legions Imperialis has been a right pain to collect and organise because of this self-imposed rule.

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A Warhound Hunting Pack of Legio Krytos stalks through the night at the head of an Iron Warriors formation.

Models were kindly supplied to me by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

You can’t just buy a box and think I’ll add that to my army. That box might make a few detachments, but those detachments need to be part of formation, which means you need things like HQ, core, support and other compulsory things so you tend to find you need to buy other sets, for example the Legions Astartes support box needs the Legions Astartes infantry box to make a legal Garrison Formation.

The Warhounds aren’t exempt from this but it’s slightly different restrictions. A Warhound is 330pts and has to be added as an ally. Which means it can’t exceed 30% of the armies total points. So to field a Warhound you need a minimum 1100. For me, that’s not too bad, I’ve roughly painted enough for that… but the Legions Imperialis Starter Set comes with 2 Warhounds. I can paint two in roughly the time it takes to paint one… so now my stupid self-inflicted collecting rules have me trying to paint extra units to make a 2200pt army so I can legally field 2 Warhounds in my collection. 

Painting Legions Imperialis Warhound Titans

Painting the Warhounds was quite simple. I used the same processes as painting my 40K scale Imperial Knights, painting all the armour panels separately and the core skeletal-frame metal and then washing it with Nuln Oil and dry brushing it with a lighter silver. The armour took a while as I was trying to glaze with Contrast paint and I’m not entirely convinced by it.

If I do add more Legio Krytos Titans then I think I’ll do the darker blends with an airbrush and then glaze over the top with Contrast. The key will be keeping it subtle because I’m personally not a fan of overly-airbrushed models. 

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