The Rhino transport is one of the most recognisable vehicles in both Warhammer Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 and now they’re driving straight into Legions Imperialis. You get 10 in a box and today I’m sharing the first 5 I’ve painted. Stay around until the end where I’ll share my 1000pt Iron Warriors force in all its glory.

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Traversing the irradiated wastes of Tallarn, the Iron Warriors seek their targets.

Models were kindly supplied to me by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

The £30 box of 10 Rhino models is made up of two sprues. Each Rhino is made up of a top, t two sides, and a bottom and the four individual smokestacks are separate tiny, fiddly pieces. The dozer blade is an optional piece. The you can choose what cupolas and weapons you want, including Havoc Launchers, Multi-Melta and Twin Linked Bolters. The detail and sculpts are astounding, no extra bridging plastic/flash that the infantry suffer from. Really impressive.

Painting them is tricky, they’re tiny and hard to hold. Because you are trying to paint all around them there wasn’t really anywhere to drill into and add a paper clip to push them into a cork. I ended up just holding them. My recipe card came in handy and I followed it again for these tiny tanks. I painted the top hatch in hazard chevrons, I like the idea of them pointing in the direction they’re travelling. I think it adds a tiny bit of dynamism to them.

Adding the Rhinos to my Demi Company Formation has brought me up to exactly 1022pts. On the left is the Demi Company Formation and on the right is my Armoured Company Formation. You need at least one formation for every 1500pts. I think I’m going to add more tactical Legiones to the Demi Company. A big detachment of these in Rhinos will be great for holding objectives.

Future plans are to hit 1500pts (adding a Warhound and some Plasma Marines) then I need to start working on the gaming board. I really like the look of the new Civets Imperialis City Road Tiles. For 3000pts you need to play on a 5ft x 4ft table. That would be 4 boxes of road tiles, they’re online only and cost £70 each! I’m thinking half the table will be road tiles and the other half will be scratch built desert/ash wastes, with 3d printed bombed out road sections an craters.

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