In my last post I rambled on about detachments and formations not really fitting together with what you get in each box of models, in this blog post I put on my big boy Astartes pants and just get on with growing the army by adding a Legion Garrison Force formation.

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Iron Warrior support detachments hold a valuable asset and secure it with overwhelming fire support.

Models were kindly supplied to me by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before we get into it, I was a little disappointed with this set, the box describes it as 24x Citadel Miniatures, but as you can see from my photo below, there are 16 bases. I dunno about you but I feel like this is marketing talk to hype up the product. I think it’s a little disingenuous and should have been sold as 16 bases to manage expectations.

The £30 Astartes Support box contains 4 detachments, Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts, Deredo Dreadnoughts, Legion Rapiers and Legion Tarantulas. Each detachment is 4 bases strong. You can use these as support detachments in all the formations but I decided to start a new Legion Garrison formation which suits these better.  

My current army list for everything that I’ve painted so far for my Legions Astartes Iron Warriors.

As you can see from my army list above the Legion Garrison force (third column along) needed a Command Detachment and Legion Tactical Detachments to make it legal. I had spare Missile Launchers and rhinos, so I added them to the formation as well.

I need to take a new group shot, since taking this picture I’ve painted more detachments (pictured below).
These models are for Garrison formation apart from the two bases of Terminators, I had to buy them on ebay so I can fill up the Land Raiders in the Demi Company.

I’m determined to hit around 3500pts with this collection. I bought a Thunderhawk Gunship which I’ll add to my Demi Company and I have Dire Wolf Scout Titan to paint as well. I’ll still be short on points, so I’ll have to see what GW releases next. Hopefully I can add some jet bikes and land speeders soon.

How to Paint Iron Warriors

Finishing off this post is my paint recipe card. I’ve posted this before but I’ve included it for convenience. Check back soon, where I’ll hopefully be able to share my Iron Warriors Thunderhawk Gunship.

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