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Review: Kill Team: Octarius starter set (first impressions & unboxing)

Kill Team: Octarius box opened

Saturday. We received the enormous box set early and take a look at all of its components, including the new Death Korps and Ork Kommando models, and the Ork scrap town terrain pieces. We’ll share our initial impressions of the new edition of Kill Team and give you a glimpse of all the Kill Team related tutorials we’ve planned for the coming days and weeks.

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Showcase: Death Guard Kill Team by Shvagyer

Death Guard Kill Team

Hi everyone, it’s Shvagyer again with another heretical Kill Team. Last time I showed you my World Eaters, but now it’s time for some Nurgle worship. The main goals were: leave no model unconverted  get rid of all/almost all tentacles and weird growths that I…

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