I like to play in style, so I thought of giving the combat gauges from the Kill Team: Octarius and Essentials boxes a lick of paint. Maybe this post will inspire you to do the same – I promise it’s fast and easy to do, and I included the paint recipes I used in this post, so check it out.

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Painted Combat Gauges from Kill Team: Octarius

For the gauges, I knew I wanted to add a good amount of orange, as orange is the key colour of Kill Team and found on all the markers. I started by priming the gauges with Leadbelcher Spray, then I basecoated the orange parts with Corax White and applied a generous coat of Gryph-Hound Orange Contrast paint. Even with great care, it dried a bit unevenly, so in hindsight, I’d have rather started with a basecoat of Skrag Brown and built up the orange with drybrushes of Trollslayer Orange and Fire Dragon Bright.

I then repainted any areas I accidentally spilled Corax White or orange on with Leadbelcher, and applied a selective shade of Dark Tone Wash from The Army Painter [Nuln Oil works as well] directly into the recesses to add definition. Then I drybrushed the metal with Vallejo Mecha Color Light Steel [Stormhost Silver woul be the equivalent].

I thought it would be a good idea to pick out the measurement symbols in their respective colours, so I basecoated the Triangle with Matt Black from The Army Painter [Abaddon Black], and highlighted with Vallejo Model Color Dark Grey [Eshin Grey] and Dawnstone. The white circle was basecoated with Corax White and highlighted with Model Color White [White Scar]. The square was painted with Macragge Blue and highlighted with Calgar Blue and Fenrisian Grey. The red pentagon was basecoated with Mephiston Red, and highlighted with Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Bright.

Scenic shot of the Kill Team: Octarius combat gauges and dice

Finally, I sealed the paint job with two coats of matt varnish to protect the gauges from wear and tear during gameplay.

Have you played the new edition of Kill Team yet? It was quite a change, but so far, I heard a lot of good things about the new gam. Tell me in the comments, and until then, happy hobbying!