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It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for Tale of Tuesdays and I’m opening the new series. This time we’re delving into the Underworlds and the four Tale of Tuesdays’ victims… oops I mean willing painters will be painting a total of two warbands each over the course of four months. Each month we’ll take it in turns to paint half a warband. For the first month, I’m sharing half of Grashrak’s Despoilers! After the jump more pictures and I share some Beastmen paint recipes. 

I’m not producing a fully detailed tutorial for these like I did for Skaeth’s Hunters, instead I’m just going to list the paint recipes for the major areas of the model. Let’s start with the skin.

Beastmen Skin Recipe: Black Undercoat, Catachan Flesh painted over leaving black showing through in the recesses, highlighted with Bloodreaver Flesh, then Knight-Questor Flesh and final edge highlights of Cadian Fleshtone.

Aged Bronze Armour: Warplock Bronze basecoat over a black undercoat. then stipple on Kybalite Green and then another stipple layer of Sybarite Green. Then a heavy stipple of Hashut Copper. Final edge highlights are done with Stormhost Silver

Weathered Metals: Basecoat of Leadbelcher, then I mix a small amount of Contrast Medium with Nuln Oil Shade and apply a heavy wash of this over all the metals. Final edge highlights are Stormhost Silver.

Black Fur: Black Undercoat which is then drybrushed with Stormvermin Fur, then drybrushed again with Administratum Grey only on the raised areas. Finally a heavy wash of Contrast Medium mixed with Nuln Oil Shade is applied. 

Bones and Skulls: Paint the bones and skulls with thinned Corax White. Then paint them with Wraithbone. Once dry apply a heavy coat of Skeleton Horde Contrast paint. Finally edge highlight with Screaming Skull

Burgandy/Magenta Spot Colour: Paint Barak Nar Burgandy over a black undercoat. Highlight with a couple of layers of thinned Screamer Pink. Edge highlight with Pink Horror

Stone/Horns: Black Undercoat which is then highlighted with Stormvermin Fur, then highlight again with Dawnstone. Edge highlights with Administratum GreyFinally a heavy wash of Contrast Medium mixed with Nuln Oil Shade is applied.

Check back next Tuesday to see Spaceshrimp’s warband. Don’t forget if you want to paint along with us, make sure you use the following hashtags on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram or facebook). 

#taleoftuesdays #taleofpainters #paintyourgames

Make sure your account is public (in case of facebook, set your #taleoftuesdays posts to public).

We’ll round up all your posts and share them at the end of each month. From all of your warbands that were painted during Tale of Tuesdays, we pick our favourite warband to win a Wayland Games or Element Games voucher for an Underworld warband box of your choice so you can start painting another warband right away.

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