As promised my Daemonette tutorial! I kind of sticked to the studio paintjob, but wanted to add a little more contrast. I made the hair and the robes more pink because what would Slaanesh be without pink? Also I added a little bit of turqouise and a yellowish base.

1. I primed the model black. Another good idea would be to prime the mini grey, e.g. with “Uniform GreyColour Primer from The Army Painter, as the light purples will cover better on a lighter basecoat. As I didn’t have any grey primer at the moment, I sticked to black.

Drybrush the sand heavily with Bubonic Brown (you can use Ianyden Darksun as well, essentially the same colour) and then more lightly with Bleached Bone.

2. Paint the skin with Reaper Master Series Amethyst Purple (Pegasus Amthystpurpur). Paint the claws and any thorns Hormagaunt Purple. Mix an intermediate colour between both to smoothen the transition between the skin and the claws. Wash with slightly thinned Leviathan Purple.

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3. Work your way up to the base colour by applying thin layers of RMS Amethyst Purple. Then do some soft highlights with thinned Fortress Grey. Thin it down and after you picked up the paint with your brush let the excess water soak up by a paper towel so you can apply controlled and slightly translucent highlights. Then thin down Leviathan Purple down to a glaze (about 1:1 water:wash) and apply it all over. Highlight the claws with Hormagaunt Purple, Codex Grey and finally Fortress grey. Use sharp highlights in contrast to the skin.

4. Paint the robes with VGC Squid Pink. Mix a little bit of Warlock Purple into Squid Pink and use it to shade the robes as well as to basecoat the hair. Layer pure Squid Pink onto the hair and highlight both parts with Formula P3 Carnal Pink.

Paint the metal with Chainmail and thin down Hawk Turquoise with water and a little bit of VGC Glaze Medium to a wash. Use it to shade the metal areas as well as to glaze the bottom lip. Highlight the metal with Mithril Silver.

Paint the black areas Chaos Black and highlight with a mix of Codex Grey and Chaos Black and then pure Codex Grey.

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Paint the eyes with P3 Coal Black, highlight with Hawk Turquoise and P3 Arcane Blue. Concentrate on the lower right like as painting gems and add a little dot of Space Wolves Grey in the upper right as a reflection.

Paint the trim of the base Graveyard Earth (apply a coat of Khemri Brown for better coverage first) and add some yellow straw static grass.

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