In today’s post I’ll share my finished Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster along with paint recipes and links to previous tutorials I used to paint this towering monster of rage incarnate. This model kit can build three different types of Bloodthirsters. I decided to build the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster over the Unfettered Fury or Insensate Rage options, for no other reason than the sculpt of the head really reminds me of the Gargoyle model from the original Hero Quest game.

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A Red demonic bloodthirster rampages through a ruined city

I didn’t convert the model as I really like it as it is. I used most of the armour options in the kit but left off the trinkets that hang from the wings. I did put a bit of effort into the base. I used plasticard to make a slab stone tiled floor and I hacked up Azyrite Ruins to fill up the blank areas of the base. I also added plenty more skulls from the Citadel Skulls pack.

I made the mistake of assembling the model whole and painting it all in one go. I should have worked on the armour and wings in sub-assemblies. Not only would it have been quicker to paint but it would have been easier to hold. It’s a pretty big and awkward model. I’ll be sure to learn from this for the next three Greater Daemons from the other ruinous powers.

A floating shard of a Necron God engages in aerial combat with a winged Greater Daemon of Khorne

Painting Khorne Daemon Skin

  1. Undercoat the model with white
  2. Base coat the model with Jokero Orange
  3. Wash with Contrast Blood Angels Red
  4. Wash with Druchi Violet
  5. Area highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet 
  6. Smaller area highlight with Wild Rider Red
  7. Edge highlight with Cadian Fleshtone

Painting the Wing Membranes

Painting the Green Hair


  • Base coat Wraithbone
  • Wash with Contrast Skeleton Horde
  • Use Contrast Cygor to paint eye sockets and noses
  • Paint over the bone areas with Screaming Skull leaving the Skeleton Horde layer showing through as shading
  • Highlight raised areas with Wraithbone

Links to my other Tutorials

With the first Greater Daemon of my Legion of Chaos Ascendant army done, it’s time to look at the next units to add. I think the next path to damnation I tread will be one of obsession and excess. I’ve already painted 10 Daemonettes, so I think 5 Seekers of Slaanesh will be next. I also have the three headed hound Karanak still on sprue, so I might work on that soon too.

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