Read on to see how I made these cool looking custom Orc Shields. 

1. Use plasticard of around 1mm thickness.

2. Using a sharp scapel carefully cut the main shield shape.

3. Cut the Orc shield eyes out. Alternatively if this is too fiddly for you glue on two triangles instead.

4. Carefully score two lines along the length of the shield. Do not cut to hard, you don’t want to cut all the way through.

5. Bend the edges along the score line.

6. Cut out a jaw section.

7. Score and bend the edges of the jaw section.

8. Using plastic glue (or super glue) glue the jaw to the shield.

9. Roll out a thin line of greenstuff and leave to set hard.

10. Once hard, cut the greenstuff into small discs using a sharp knife.

11. Add a blob of super glue to your mixing palette (or anything you don’t mind getting glue on) then using a pin, prick a disc and dab it on the glue blob, then stick it the the shield.

Viola, custom made Orc Big Un shields.

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