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Hi everyone Scatterz here and this is my first ever post to Tale of Painters. It is really exciting to be asked to showcase some of my work on here (also pretty nerve-wracking) as I have followed the blog for a long time.

This first post will be a little intro to me, the models I like to paint and how I got started in the wonderful world of miniature painting. More after the jump.

A bit of background to start, I have always liked miniatures, from the very young age of about 12 I dabbled in collecting and playing Warhammer. Alas life and growing up saw me depart from the hobby for a very long time until around 18 months ago I decided to get back into it from the painting side (I was never really any good at the game anyway).

I started following painting blogs like Tale of Painters and watching various YouTube channels to get an idea of how to get going, and then it was time to try what I had read. The models from my youth finally had a use, they were unboxed and the first victims of my paintbrush! The results….questionable at best but I persevered and eventually thought it was time to purchase something I really wanted to paint.

I have always liked the way the Tyranids look, a really gribbley alien with too many arms, massive teeth and thick armour plating so the Trygon (pictured above) was the first model I decided to buy and paint and I think for one of the first he turned out pretty good.

I am not a fast painter by any means so the Trygon took a good few weeks of evening to complete, knowing what I do now it would have taken far less time. Lots of stippling, drybrushing, washing and glazing to get the effects I wanted.

I used to collect Lizardmen a long time ago and on returning to the local hobby shop saw the Bastiladon. It is an amazing model, much smaller than I thought but really lovely so it became my next project and was painted in a similar fashion to the Trygon.

Then someone introduced me to airbrushing, and I really really liked it. It took some time to get the hang of, and again many practice models but after a while it opened a lot of new ways to paint and effects that could be achieved. The unusual combo of a fishing net as a stencil and black paint lead to some much more interesting armour plates on my Riptide.

I have been following Tale of Painters throughout my entire painting journey so far and it is an honour to be asked to guest post on here. One of my favourite styles of painting has been that of ThirdEyeNuke, I really like the realistic look to the models so as part of my development I have tried replicating the Haruspex paint job from one of the older posts (hope you don’t mind!).

This really challenged me with the airbrush and painting effects like that was good fun to have a go at. Since this I have painted a number of other models and found the Malifaux miniatures game which now has me hooked. This year I have a whole shelf of around 50 figures to paint for the Neverborn and Gremlin factions.

I hope you have all enjoyed this first post and thank you for reading, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. It would be great to get some feedback on what I have done so far and where I can go from here.